Monday, June 2, 2008

Winter Wonderland.... in May

We had been planning for months to go up to Idyllwild to go camping. The weekend before was over 100 degrees and we were looking forward to getting into our bathing suits and swimming. We went up on Tuesday before memorial weekend and dropped off the trailer. On that Thursday as I was driving home from work I drove right through a tornado that touched down in Moreno Valley and left ice and snow all over the 60 fwy. As I thought that was crazy, we left Friday afternoon for Idyllwild only to find SNOW all over the ground, and not just a small amount of snow, about two feet!!! Here is the view from our trailer when we arrived...

The girls have never really been in snow, especially freah powdery snow. Then again neither has Sean. They had so much fun playing in the snow.

Here is the video of the first snow ball fight both the girls and Sean had.... Ever!


Live, Laugh, Love said...

zI haven't seen you guys in weeks! At least you posted a blog so I can see what's going on! I'm glad you guys are doing good and having fun. Congrats on the new home! :)