Monday, November 3, 2008

Trick or Treat

This was a fun Halloween. Kyla knew what was coming and enjoyed every second of it and the anticipation of it. Aubree caught on really well. We started the festivities at our ward trunk or treat. The girls had a lot of fun with their friends from church. That is were Aubree learned what it means to go trick or treating. We then had school on the day of Halloween. Kyla was allowed to wear her costume to school and participated in the parade the school had. I had to dress up for school also which meant that I had to work on sewing Kyla's costume and my own. That night we got dressed up and as a family went trick or treating. The girls had so much fun, but learned they didn't want to walk that much and we had to pull them in the wagon.

School Awards

In October Bautista Creek had the first awards ceremony for Kindergarten. Kyla recieved an award for being an honest student. She was so proud and excited. We are so proud of how how well she is doing in school. She really loves to go to school and is at the top of her class.

Now they are 5 and 3

The girls are growing up so fast. It is amazing how quick the time goes. Back in September the girls celebrated their birthday in a small family way. We had their party to celebrate Kyla's fifth and Aubree's third birthday. The night before the party we went to Red Robin that just opened in Hemet. The waiter found out that it was both the girl's birthday's and brought a Turlte Pie slice. It was great and tasted so good Aubree decided she couldn't stop. The next day we went to the park and had a small amount of family join us for a party with a few friends that stopped by. It was a great day to just celebrate another great year for the girls with close friends and family.

First day of school

This posting is pretty late but I had to make sure that everyone saw Aubree's first day of Pre school picture. She was so cute. She really loves to go to school and has really grown a lot since she has been going. So much that she finally decided to get potty trained. Here are the two photos from that morning.