Thursday, June 4, 2009

Reactions... but not the kind we like

Kyla came down with an ear infection on Memorial Day. We took her into the doctor's and they gave her amoxicillin to treat it. She has had it before with no problems. We started to give it to her as perscribed and she started to get better. On Tuesday I woke her up for school and to my shock and astonishment this is what I found....

SOOO.. if you ever want to know what an allergic reaction to Amoxicillin looks like here it is. They get a rash that itches all over their body that can be large like the ones on her back or it can be like small spots. I was afraid that she had the chicken pox but when there were no little blisters that came out after this bath I knew it was an allergic reaction. I also can tell you how to help your poor child who is suffering from the "poka dots" as they came to be known in our house. My wonderful sister-in-law who is really know her stuff about healthy living and homeopathic remedies told me to have her stay off of gluetin, sugar, and any heavy food and eat watermelon and lemon water. I had her only drink gluetin gree chicken stock (thanks Rachel Ray), lots of water, and all the watermelon she wanted (which was not a lot but anything has to help). After two days of having this rash, itching, taking LOTS of oatmeal baths she is finally better!